End the Silence
Be a Voice of Courage

The Problem: 25 years of workplace harassment prevention AND 75% of harassment claims STILL go unreported.

The Solution: Bevoco’s innovative online reporting tool closes this silence gap giving everyone the voice of their choice.

“A long Overdue Process”

~ Chairwoman of the EEOC

Bevoco empowers employees with an online tool to report and safely resolve concerns surrounding harassment, bullying, discrimination, retaliation and unwanted sexual advances within the workplace or on campus.

Disruptive Dialogue

Critical conversations designed to break through a toxic environment of silence


  • stopping something from continuing as usual by changing the traditional way that an industry operates
  • a serious exchange of opinion among people that disagree

Bevoco creates a healthy environment of Disruptive Dialogue with a three-fold approach:

Educate        Empower        Elevate

Imagine a safe, welcoming and productive environment for employees and students

25 years of concerted effort to address workplace harassment has been largely unsuccessful, with a staggering 75% of harassment claims going unreported.


#MeToo was a wake-up call to find a better way


Bevoco can be the important first step you take to help break this silence.