The Story Behind Bevoco

~Be a Voice of Courage~

Vision & Mission

Bevoco was created to give employees a voice, a voice of courage, to confront, head on, issues of harassment in the workplace. If an employee feels they have been a victim of sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination or bullying, they can lodge a complaint and work to resolve the issue through a safe, simple and secure software platform accessed by their laptop, iPad or mobile phone.

The employer, with Bevoco, now has the tool it needs to bridge the gap for employees to learn what harassment in the workplace is and to address it if it does occur in their workplace, thereby enhancing the ability of Human Resource professionals to “root out” behavior unbecoming of their respective companies.

How it all began

One of our co-founders wanted to create Bevoco after dealing with harassment at his own company. When a young, female employee unexpectedly quit, he later found out it was because she was being sexually harassed by a co-worker. The young woman had never reported the incident and our co-founder and other employees had no idea this behavior was occurring. When our co-founder met with the accused in question, to terminate them for violating the company’s conduct policy, the accused co-worker said that they had no idea their behavior was offensive to this woman and would have stopped if she’d said something.

Our co-founder wondered if he’d had a better process in place for addressing and reporting harassment at work if the situation could have been stopped well before he lost both employees. Additionally, he thought, could that system also protect him in the event a lawsuit would ever be brought against his small business considering the average lawsuit costs $125,000.

By teaming up with a veteran HR expert with 35 years’ experience in the field, our co-founders set out to create a platform that could give employees a safe, simple, secure way to have a civil and constructive conversation with the offender or lodge a complaint after the FIRST incident and help tackle the problem of workplace harassment not being reported.

Our co-founders began working with Mainstream Data to create a cloud platform to support employees, HR leaders, and employers in creating a safe workplace for all employees.

Bevoco – be a voice of courage.