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Frequently Asked Questions

What information will be shared with the accused when submitting a case?

The accused party will receive an email or text notification with a link to your personalized message. The accused party does not receive any case details other than the message, at which point the accused can reply to the message and open up a dialogue to resolve the issue.

What information will be shared with HR?

Human resources will only see that a case has been created if you do not share it with them. They will not see the injured or accused party’s names. Either the injured or the accused party can opt to open a case up for HR to review. At that time, HR will see all case information, messages exchanged between the injured and accused party and have access to uploaded evidence.

What to do if you have been accused of something you didn’t do?

First: Try to resolve the misunderstanding directly with the accuser via the messaging system. Second: Use the Report to HR option to unlock a case and involve human resources.

If I submit a case, will I remain anonymous?

No. In order for a situation like this to be resolved, all parties must be identified and be involved in the process. Know that if you feel threatened and you don’t feel comfortable submitting a message directly to the accused you have the option to submit the case directly to HR and involve them from the start.

Can I use this to report something that is not sexual harassment?

Yes. BeeVoco is designed to create a safer working space. If you witness or are involved in something that puts workplace safety at risk, please use BeeVoco to confront the guilty party or report such behavior directly to HR.

How do I submit an “innocent bystander” case if I do not know the names of the people involved?

You are able to describe the person in detail so HR is able to identify them and resolve the issue if needed.