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How Sexual Harassment Affects Employers

It’s hard to remember a time when Uber was just a ride hailing company, just another hot startup, just another tech unicorn and not the poster child for sexual harassment and unethical behavior.


Why Victims Don't Report Sexual Harassment

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) estimates that 75% of all workplace sexual harassment cases go unreported. The #MeToo movement taught us that inappropriate behavior runs rampant everywhere and there have been a myriad of reasons why victims didn’t come forward.


Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination on Campus

While there has been a targeted effort to prevent harassment, discrimination, and bullying on campuses across the country, the truth is sexual and gender-based harassment remain pervasive. Universities and schools need to be prepared to properly address these issues. While having an established anti-bullying policy in place is a good start, that is not enough to comply with Title IX.