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IG Report: Some members of Congress sexually harassed night-shift custodians

Architect of the Capitol officials accused of creating ‘culture of permissibility’. Members of Congress allegedly sexually harassed night shift custodial staff while they cleaned their offices. Sexual harassment prevention training went off the rails. And the Architect of the Capitol has no unified system for effectively tracking complaints and resolutions of sexual harassment cases.


The Old Daytime-Drinking, Sexual-Harassing Ways Are Thriving at Lloyd’s

The 330-year-old London insurance market is the most archaic corner left in global finance.


Dartmouth Allowed 3 Professors to Sexually Harass and Assault Students, Lawsuit Charges

Seven current and former students sued Dartmouth College on Thursday, saying it had failed to protect them from three psychology and brain-science professors who sexually harassed and assaulted them. In the lawsuit, filed in a federal court in New Hampshire, they say that when they and others reported horrific treatment, the college did nothing, allowing the professors’ behavior to continue until last spring, when one retired and the other two resigned.


El Vallarta Restaurant Sued for Sexual Harassment

Teen Worker Was Touched Inappropriately, Forced to Quit, EEOC Alleges