Why Bevoco?


1. To protect legally, physically and emotionally

2. To affect behaviorally and culturally

The value of Bevoco is…..


Think of Bevoco as a military guardian—constantly watching out for both leadersihp and individual warriors. Bevoco can positively impact and change the culture of the military and protect it for failing to implement solutions. It can provide training and resources to military personnel with a platform to report discrimination or sexual harassment incidents. The goal is to actualy give the power to those who can actually do something. Bevoco is revolutionary because it puts the power of reporting into every single hand, regardless of rank or rate. That’s the real value of Bevoco.

Current Demographics Need Technology

It is estimated that by 2025 there will be more robots than humans on the battlefield.1 Unfortunately, protecting our warriors from internal threats has not received the funds for similar technological advances. Currently, 75% of the active duty military are Millennials (ages 23 – 39), 15% of active Duty Marines are Generation Z (ages 4-22). These demographics are technology dependent and many are averse to face-to-face confrontation. Giving these generations the ability to report misconduct and abuse meets them where they are at, arming them power to act. BeVoco will ensure these warrior voices are heard.

Streamline Reporting Resulting in Culture Improvements

BeVoco will ensure the Military receives a comprehensive incident reporting and case management solution, giving every single warrior the ability to report, no matter the branch. Currently each branch is responsible for their own reporting systems, however this creates a problem when data is collected as they each adhere to their own procedures. It also poses a problem to those warriors who cannot supersede their chain of command, leaving them alone in a system that is stacked against them. With beVoco, these issues will be fixed as it will standardize the system for all the branches, sending accurate immediate statistics to those who keep the Military accountable. BeVoco will also ensure individual warriors who are stuck in a toxic chain of command are given a third-party ally when the Office of Force Resiliency is informed of misconduct.

Accountability to the American People

Every year the Military is called before Congress to explain why rape and other crimes are continuing to increase, while the rate of reporting decreases. Every year each branch promises to fix the problem with their “zero tolerance” standards; every year they come back with the same story, we are sorry – we’ll do better. It’s time to show the American people they mean business in protecting our sons and daughters from predators within the ranks.

Command Visibility

The Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military FY18 states, “…climate factors around dignity and respect were found to be robustly associated with risk for sexual assault. Commanders must have greater visibility into their unit’s climate, and the tools needed to swiftly address related concerns.”2 Currently that visibility is almost zero, as the Military has focused on a top-down approach to managing rape and misconduct. BeVoco gives Command this visibility with seven bottom-up features in addition six top-down functions including real-time analytics. This will give the Military leadership and each warrior a wholistic approach to battling decent within the rank.

TopDown efforts alone do not work


If you want to influence behavior you must understand why the current culture acts the way they do.

Dr. Allison Greene-Sands, Author of Cross-Cultural Competence for a Twenty-FirstCentury Military: Culture, the flipside of COIN.