Why Bevoco?


1. To protect legally, physically and emotionally

2. To affect behaviorally and culturally

The value of Bevoco is not about the number of complaints or reports filed


Think of Bevoco as your workplace guardian—constantly watching out for both Employer and Employee. Bevoco can positively impact and change the culture of your organization and protect it for failing to implement solutions. It can provide training and resources to your employees with a platform to report discrimination or sexual harassment incidents. That’s the real value of Bevoco!

Legal Risk Mitigation

The implementation and availability of Bevoco within a company should help reduce the legal risk, liability and exposure of any company involved with a discrimination or sexual harassment case. While simply having Bevoco may not eliminate or prevent litigation, it does provide “defensibility” or mitigation for a company. A company is certainly more protected with it than without it!

Incident Reporting and Case Management Platform

Bevoco can provide your company with a comprehensive incident reporting and case management solution to professionally report and manage a discrimination or sexual harassment claim. Bevoco ensures your company has the tools to properly deal with any extremely serious matter.

Employee Protection

Bevoco provides your employees with an added level of employer-sponsored protection against workplace discrimination or sexual harassment offenses. Having Bevoco available will act as a deterrent against employees who otherwise may have committed an offense. The platform itself provides your employees with a confidential and safe solution to file a complaint free from retaliation with the expectation that it will be properly dealt with according to company policy, local, state and federal laws.

Demonstrates Employer Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

The implementation and availability of Bevoco can become a standard of excellence that sets your company apart. It will demonstrate that you are committed and dedicated to workplace safety and eradicating discrimination and sexual harassment in your workplace. Bevoco is a workplace security solution that heightens and increases everyone’s sensitivity towards discriminatory and sexual harassment behavior and culture. Similar to having security cameras, Bevoco becomes a sentry of prevention that will help prevent, mitigate and report discriminatory or sexual harassment offenses withing your organization.

Change starts from the top down


According to the EEOC Checklist the first step in creating a holistic harassment prevention program is for leadership to establish a culture of respect – where harassment of any form – is not tolerated. Create a positive corporate or campus culture with open communication at all levels.

Business leaders must stand in support


As a business leader, it is really important that we set the tone from the top of our organizations to make clear that this won’t be tolerated and that women and men who feel they have been victims should not fear coming forward.


Put simply, our workplaces and communities don’t work well if people are afraid, and being mistreated.